Franklin Mint Figurines

The Franklin Mint created a set of three porcelain figurines that was officially authorized by Georgette Heyer's Estate. They were designed and made by James Moore. The figurines were of three of Heyer's most popular heroines and you can see my primitive versions of moving pictures of them to the right; Arabella, Léonie and Sophy.

The original figurines came with a Certificate of Authenticity that basically states that they are what they are, for example; "This is to certify that Sophy is an original work of art by James Moore and the first-ever work of art officially authorised by the Estate of Georgette Heyer. It is also certified that Sophy is crafted of fine hand-painted procelain adorned with 22 carat fold and porcelain lace. It is further certified that Sophy by James Moore is available exclusively from Franklin Mint."

Although I can find no details for when the set were originally released, the Arabella figurine is labelled on the base as a 75th Anniversary Tribute. Assuming that this is an Anniversary of Heyer's birth, this would place the release date in 1977. However, one fan was first introduced to Heyer when she saw Arabella advertised, around 1996, indicating that the anniversary is of Heyer's first publication in 1921 of The Black Moth.

Unfortunately, the figurines are no longer for sale, so the only way of acquiring one is via any second-hand channels (e.g. online auction houses). Listed below are recent sales of the Léonie figurine on eBay.

  • UK£70.00 (06 Aug 2011)
  • UK£39.99 (broken finger, missing fan) (16 Jun 2010)
  • UK£80.75 (30 May 2010)
  • US$243.50 (12 Apr 2008)
  • US$156.00 (06 Mar 2008)
  • US$233.05 (without fan) (05 Nov 2007)
  • UK£31.01 (09 Jun 2006)
  • AU$56.03 (16 Jul 2005)
  • UK£46 (without fan) (02 May 2004)
  • UK£156.98 (without fan) (25 Apr 2004)
  • US$147.61 (11 Nov 2003)

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