Georgette Heyer's Regency World

by Dr Jennifer Kloester

A unique behind-the-scenes look at the history, culture, society and politics of Georgette Heyer's regency world.

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A bestselling novelist since 1921, Georgette Heyer is known across the world for her historical romances set in Regency England. Millions of readers love the period for its fashion, famous people and events, and its elegant and often outrageous mayfly upper-class. It was Heyer who created the Regency genre of historical fiction with books such as Regency Buck, Sylvester and Friday's Child. Since then, in many minds, Heyer and the Regency have become synonymous.

With Georgette Heyer's Regency World, Jennifer Kloester has now put together the ultimate, definitive guide to Georgette Heyer's world: her heroines; her villains and dashing heroes; the shops, clubs and towns they frequented; the parties and seasons they celebrated; how they ate, drank, dressed, socialized, voted, shopped and drove. An utterly delightful and fun read, beautifully illustrated and compelling in its historical detail, this is a must-read for any Georgette Heyer fan.

  • The 2008 competition to win a Signed copy is now closed. The winner was Lin Poh Teh in Malaysia. She's received her book already and is keen to read it all as soon as possible.

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    Jacket Image: The Minuet by Frederik Hendrik Kaemmerer, credit: Sotheby's Picture Library

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