The Modern Novels and Short Stories

Throughout her career, Ms Heyer wrote some short stories that were published in monthly magazines. These stories have never been published elsewhere. Listed below are all known titles, the first is available on the internet in its entirety!

Heyer's modern romances novels were later suppressed by her - perhaps because they revealed too much about herself. As mentioned in Hodge's biography, there is a considerable autobiographical element in these novels, particularly in Helen. Select any of the titles to read an extract.

Although many of these extracts are favourite parts of mine, others have been entered by ListServ members.

cicely Short Stories The Modern Romances
A Proposal to Cicely
Runaway Match
The Bulldog and the Beast
Linckes' Great Case
Barren Corn
Instead of the Thorn

Recently, some of the short stories have been re-published; A Proposal to Cecily, Runaway Match and Pursuit, in Mary Fahnestock-Thomas' book A Critical Retrospective.

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