Sourcebooks Publications

Sourcebooks - the largest woman-owned publishing house in the US - is republishing Heyer's books in the USA. A very welcome addition to those fans in the United States who weren't easily able to get the recent UK publications.

Look at the virtual bookshelf below - clicking on the info link will open a page on the current book with more details.

In addition, you can visit their dedicated Regency site called Austen Fans.

Competitions: November 2007 - closed

The full release information is detailed below and will be updated as I am informed of further novels;

Jan 2010
Powder and Patch, Beauvallet
Dec 2009
The Black Moth, The Masqueraders
Nov 2009
They Found Him Dead
Oct 2009
These Old Shades, Death in the Stocks
Sep 2009
The Foundling, No Wind of Blame
Aug 2009
Jul 2009
The Grand Sophy
Jun 2009
The Corinthian
May 2009
Lord John, Cousin Kate
Apr 2009
The Nonesuch, Why shoot a Butler
Mar 2009
The Talisman Ring, The Unfinished Clue
Feb 2009
A Convenient Marriage, Behold, Here's Poison
Jan 2009
Sep/Oct 2008
Charity Girl, Conqueror, The Reluctant Widow, Simon the Coldheart
Jul/Aug 2008
Faro's Daughter, Regency Buck
May/June 2008
Lady of Quality, Royal Escape, Black Sheep
Mar/Apr 2008
False colours, Friday's Child, The Spanish Bride
Sep/Oct 2007
Cotillion, An Infamous Army

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