New Sourcebooks Publications

Competition 1 - closed on the 12th of December, 2007

Sourcebooks - the largest woman-owned publishing house in the US - is republishing Heyer's books in the USA. A very welcome addition to those fans in the United States who weren't easily able to get the recent UK publications.

The books are shown on a virtual bookshelf.

In addition, you can visit their dedicated Regency site called Austen Fans or go direct to their website.

This competition was open to everyone (in any country) and was for one of 10 books - 5 copies of An Infamous Army and 5 copies of Cotillion from the new publications. To be in the running, you had to fill in the form below with a Heyer and/or Regency related quiz question, the correct answer and three incorrect answers. An example has been shown on the right.

This competition closed on the 12th of December

The following people won a copy of An Infamous Army: Jan Campbell, Naomi Richland, Bonnie Bjorem, Amanda Brock, Swarna

The following people won a copy of Cotillion: Clair-anne Doherty, Ruth, Cynthia, Joanne Knox, Susan Selig

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